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Show programs

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, Ternopil people are traditionally gathered by companies at the festive table. Wonderful drinks, delicious food and entertainment ... Every year we invite original groups and individual performers to participate in the show program, so that the New Year's Eve celebrations in Tropic are special and must be remembered. An integral part of the show program is the performance of dark-skinned foreign students. About the order of tables it is necessary to worry in advance, because regular guests do it one month before the holiday.

Hawaiian style parties

Do not know what Aloha, Lei, Ukulele is? Watch out for restaurant announcements in social networks and be sure to visit the Tropic for a Hawaiian party. In the evening, we add something interesting to the traditional dishes. Light Hawaiian and Caribbean music will accompany your dinner. And the leader will entertain with games and quizzes. At us you will feel real inhabitants of the country of paradise islands and find out that Aloha is an island greetings, "lei" - a flower garland that wears the guests on his neck as a token of respect, and "ukulele" is a little guitar that gives birth to enchanting sounds .